vrijdag 31 juli 2009



A few days ago I took a shower! :) If you're familair with Wreck This Journal, you'll know what happened. I brought my journal with me in the shower! And it was a succes, now my journal looks really... used and old. Also I made a drawing on the page (but because I don't want to draw myself naked, I decided to draw myself in the rain with my journal.) I'm sure sometime this will happen too.

After all this was a busy week so I only did the shower-drawing and also I placed some extra fruitstickers, but I'm sure the next time I will have done a lot, because I'm going out with friends a few weeks! :D And I'm going to... England!!! I'm sure this will be a great experience! I've already been there twice, but then I was really little and I could understand the language. But now I can! I'm so excited!

grz. Lonneke

maandag 27 juli 2009

bicycle weather :)


The last days I did it! I wrecked my journal! I haven't made a tongue painting or a paper airplane yet, but I did other exciting things! First I went to a friend of mine and we cycled to a place we didn'teven know it excist! So we were kind of lost in the middle of now where. Of course I bring my journal with me, but it was so funny I totally forgot to climb up high adn drop the journal or something. But when I went home, I did a lot of things. Here's a little list! :)

  1. I torn the stripes!
  2. I slept with my journal!
  3. I pressed leaves and flowers!
  4. I used a stapler !
  5. I find some things like doghair and a rose!
  6. I did some of my cheapest parfum on my journal! (but it smells really nice!)
  7. I made a beautiful mirror!
So eventually I did a lot. I hope you like the results!


(and last but not least!)

grz. Lon

zaterdag 25 juli 2009

The first day

Oh my!
Today I've got my own Wreck This Journal! I've checked the mailbox every hour and at 2 o'clock he finally arrived! Yay! It was very exciti
ng to turn the first page and do the first orders. I'm one of the biggest perfectionists of the world, so it was a really hard time for me. But it was a great succes and from now I'll show you my progress.

Before I start, I've to excuse everybody for my terrible English. I'm from The Netherlands, and yes I learn Englisch at school (or I should :P) but that doesn't mean I can speak or write it very well. With this blog I hope to make my Englisch
better. So if something I wrote is wrong, please let me know! You can learn from mistakes ;)

But now...... my first day with my Wreck This Journal!

Is it..? Could it be...?
Yes!!! Finally!!! I've got my Wreck This Journal! Ready to destroy!
!! >:D

Oh, it's laying there... so... new?!?!?!

It even smell new! (It really did!)
I think I should take a look inside...

Wow, it's so tidy! Let's do something about it! (This book called "Wreck This Journal", remember? ;) )

So I took some time and ruined some pages, or.. I tried. I was harder than I thought! My inner-perfectionist still rules, I think. I really need this therapy.
Nevertheless this is the result of today:

Grz. Lon